Episode 016 – Lynn Barron & Laura Gannon, Part 1

 Lynn & Laura

Stories of the Magic, Episode 16


Interview Guests: Lynn Barron & Laura Gannon


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I’ve always thought of theme park custodial cast members as some of the most underappreciated Cast Members in the parks. Think about how often you see someone sweeping, cleaning restrooms, emptying the trash, or taking care of some other…unpleasantness. How many do you see in a typical visit? What would Disneyland and the other parks be like without them? But have you ever thanked one of them?

This week, we get to hear from two of those people. Lynn Barron worked at Disneyland, first as a busser, then later in custodial, and Laura Gannon also worked in custodial. Between them, they have almost 15 years of experience in these positions, so we get a real behind the scenes (but without spoiling the magic) look at one of the most crucial roles at the Disney parks.

Similar to Nate Parrish back in episode 12 (and with part 2 of his interview coming soon),Lynn wanted to share his appreciation for Disneyland and its great history, so he started The Sweep Spot podcast along with Laura.


We’ll be talking about their podcast in part 2 of their interview next week. In this episode, though, you’ll get to hear about why they wanted to work at Disneyland, and in Custodial specifically, what they liked best about it, and what some of their biggest challenges were. They tell us how often people really did thank them (and I was surprised by their answer), and we even have some “bathroom humor”…but probably not the kind you’re thinking of.  Smile


Lynn & Laura talk about:

  • How they each got started working at Disneyland…and why they wanted to;
  • The job that’s really one of the most thankless ones in the parks;
  • Their interest in the details of Disneyland, even as teenagers;
  • The time they each first realized they were part of the magic;
  • The pride Custodial Cast Members have in their jobs, and the connection to Walt Disney they feel;
  • Why they wanted to work in Custodial;
  • The two most important parts of any Disney bathroom to be kept clean;
  • Why cleaning the bathrooms is so challenging;
  • Their preferred Custodial job & area when they weren’t assigned to the bathrooms.


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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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