Episode 017– Lynn Barron & Laura Gannon, Part 2

 Lynn & Laura

Stories of the Magic, Episode 17


Interview Guests: Lynn Barron & Laura Gannon


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This week, we have part 2 of my interview with Lynn Barron and Laura Gannon both of whom worked in Custodial at Disneyland and who now co-host The Sweep Spot podcast (which I was privileged to be a guest on for Episode 68).

Last time, Lynn and Laura told us how they each got started working at Disneyland (and why they wanted to), the job that’s really one of the most thankless in the parks, the time they each first realized they were part of the magic and the pride Custodial Cast Members have in their jobs, including the connection to Walt Disney they feel, and more.

This time, the conversation is more about some magical things they did for guests, their podcast, tips, inspiration, and more.


Rather than the usual request for stories from you, the listeners, I’d like to see if we can do something a little different. I’d like to have the Friday after Thanksgiving’s show, November 23, as an all-gratitude show. No matter who you are, call or write in and express your gratitude and appreciation for anyone or anything Disney. I need lots of help on this, but I know there’s enough of you listening that we can make it happen.

If you’ve had a special experience with a Cast Member or guest at a theme park, call or write in and say thank you! If you’ve got a favorite character, call or write in and thank the people who brought that character to life. If you have a special place in your heart for a certain movie—animated or live action—call or write in and express your gratitude to the people involved.

As always, you’re welcome to remain anonymous if you wish to, but on the other hand if you have your own blog or podcast, feel free to mention it when you call or write in! You have until November 20 to get those in to me, but if one came to mind already—and I’ll bet it did for many of you—don’t wait! And feel free to send in as many as you want!


Lynn & Laura talk about:

  • Not a single specific story, but two types of situations that they felt allowed them to make magic for guests;
  • Why they started podcasting about Disneyland;
  • Thoughts on some of their favorite episodes, especially interviews with:
  • Things they’d still like to do (or re-do) on The Sweep Spot;
  • What they’d most like to do for Disney;
  • Some tips to you, as theme park guests, to make your visits more enjoyable;
  • What inspires them;
  • Their advice to you when it comes to following your dreams.


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I want to hear from you, so please email me, leave a comment below, or call the Listener Feedback line at (734) 23-STORY.


If you call in, don’t worry about having to sound perfect. If you ask me to, I’ll edit out any mistakes if needed so you sound as good as you possibly can. You’re even welcome to start your entire story over again and I’ll use the “take” you want!

If you want to submit a story anonymously, for whatever reason you may have, email it to me and tell you me you wanted it shared that way. I’ll read it on the podcast, but keep your name private.


Thanks for listening!

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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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