Episode 090 – Don Morin, Part 2


Don Morin 2

In this episode, we conclude our 2-part interview with Don Morin, founder of the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet. In part 1, we talked about his interest in Disney, background of the PNW Mouse Meet, what makes it unique, and much more. This time we’ll peek into the future, find out his advice to you for following your dreams, and get some great stories.


Before we begin, I am again bringing you a special request. For the D23 Expo in August, there were a flood of new media applications, and Disney seriously tightened the availability of the credentials. So, for whatever reason, I didn’t get approved for a media credential. Really, all I needed it for 2 years ago was admission, I didn’t do much—and didn’t provide anything for you, the listeners—that required it. I expect the same would be true this year.

What that means is, if you’d like to hear reports, see pictures and video, and more with a Stories of the Magic twist, I need your help to go! All I really need is about $80 more. Many thanks to Lynn for your support. You’ve got me part of the way there, but I still need some more help! I can handle the rest. If you can help at all, please PayPal me whatever you’re willing and able to support me with using podcast@storiesofthemagic.com as the receiving address. If just 16 people contribute $5 we’re there! Can you do $5? For everyone who contributes, I will publicly thank you on the show, and if you have something special you’d like to see coverage of, I’ll do my best to fulfill your request!


In this episode, Don talks about…

  • How he balances his “real job” with his Mouse Meet activities, planning, and preparation;
  • What the moment when the doors open the first time in the morning is like;
  • Witnessing very special moments for guests—including one extraordinarily special one;
  • What else people will experience besides the guest speakers and games;
  • Dole Whips at the Meet;
  • Whether they have any plans to expand to a second day;
  • More about this year’s Mouse Meet, including the speaker line-up;
  • What’s coming for the future;
  • What inspires him;
  • If he could have any job working for the Walt Disney Company, what he would do—you may be surprised;
  • His advice to you for following your dreams;
  • Something Margaret Kerry told him to encourage him before the first PNW Mouse Meet;
  • A shout-out to Don’s volunteer team;
  • Shameless Plug Time.

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