Episode 091 – Faith Dority, Part 1

Faith Dority

In this episode, we begin a 2-part interview with 2014-2015 runDisney Specialist on the Disney Parks Moms Panel, Faith Dority. We’d been working on getting this set up for a few months, so I’m glad to finally be able to bring it to you.


This episode happens to mark the 3-year anniversary of the show, so I’d like to say a very special thank you to all my guests over the past 3 years, and to you listeners, whether this is your first or ninety-first episode to listen to, or anywhere in between. It is all of you that allow me to do this, and I am grateful for that.

Today also happens to be the 60th anniversary of the Grand Opening of Disneyland. Technically it’s the 60th anniversary of the press event and it opened to the public the next day, but this is the day Disney wants to mark, so we’ll go with it. Happy 60th anniversary, Disneyland!


Before we begin, just a quick reminder about my request for your help to get to the D23 Expo this year so I can cover it for Stories of the Magic. I won’t go into the details—check out the show notes for the previous 2 episodes if you want to know more. For now, suffice it to say that I am going. I trust you, the listeners, to support me in this so I went ahead and got my tickets.

I still need about $80. If you can help at all, please PayPal me whatever you’re willing and able to support me with using podcast@storiesofthemagic.com as the receiving address. If just 16 people contribute $5 we’re there! Can you do $5? For everyone who contributes, I will publicly thank you on the show (unless you’d prefer that I didn’t), and if you have something special you’d like to see coverage of, I’ll do my best to fulfill your request!


In this episode, Faith talks about…

  • When her love for Disney began;
  • A funny story about her first visit to Walt Disney World;
  • How her love for Disney grew from where it began to where it is today;
  • A special memory of her first trip to Walt Disney World with her kids;
  • The expansion of her Disney love beyond just the parks;
  • What she loves most about it;
  • When and how she became a runner;
  • Her first runDisney race weekend;
  • Some pre-race tips;
  • Her usual corral and her personal record;
  • Her process of joining the Disney Parks Moms Panel;
  • How she found out she was accepted onto the Panel;
  • A little tease for what it’s like being a Moms Panelist.

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