Episode 085 – Margaret Kerry, Part 1

Margaret Kerry & Me

Well, first things first. I said in the last episode that I’d be taking a break for a few weeks or so because my baby was due any day, and in fact she might have even been born by the time the episode aired. Sure enough, that episode was released April 3, but April 2 little Adara was born! So I did take these next weeks off, and now we’re getting back into it.

You’ll probably notice a couple of changes, beginning with the interview after this one. Mainly, since there’s now a baby in the house, and since I’m frequently in charge of caring for her, there may be some baby sounds in the background now and then. Also, I won’t be able to devote as much time and awareness to editing as I have in the past. I’m still going to produce the best sounding podcast I’m capable of, but it may not be quite what you’re used to.

Having said that, in this episode I finally get to share with you an interview I did back in November of last year with Margaret Kerry, in person at the KKLA radio studios. Most Disney fans will know Margaret as the original live-action reference model for Tinker Bell, but there is so much more to her than that! I’d been holding this interview because the original plan was to release it at the same time as her new book comes out. However, it’s been delayed, so I got her permission to release this now, and when the book actually does come out we’ll do a follow up.

Now, in this episode, Margaret talks about…

  • What it meant to be the animation reference model for Tinker Bell;
  • The one scene in Peter Pan that she didn’t provide the model work for;
  • Who Tinker Bell really is, and what she loves so much about Tink;
  • The one word Margaret would use to describe Miss Bell;
  • What she thinks of the Tinker Bell movies, which one is her favorite, and why;
  • An aside about what Walt Disney would do with dialogue—something she learned about from Alice Davis;
  • What is was like for her when it started to come out the she was the Tinker Bell model;
  • How Peter Pan got her moving out of the world of radio and into being a voice actor;
  • The different way she approaches panels and presentations than some others;
  • What Walt Disney thought of Tinker Bell;
  • Why Tink became the representative of Disneyland;
  • What Miss Bell’s favorite ride at Disneyland would be and why;
  • Meeting Walt Disney, and why it was so exciting;
  • Meeting and auditioning for Marc Davis.

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