Episode 126 – Margaret Kerry (Tinker Bell Reference Model), Part 1

Margaret Kerry & Our Family
Today we have another return guest, and it’s one I am incredibly pleased to have. When I first had Margaret Kerry, the animation reference model for Tinker Bell, as a guest more than 2 years ago, we got a lot of her Disney stories and talked some about her book that was going to be coming out “soon.”

Well, it’s available now, and that’s the excuse I had to sit down with her again. And I’m so glad I did, because as you’ll hear, much of it wasn’t specifically about Disney—though that did come up. Instead, we got to talk about who she is, what’s important to her, and even some things that she’s never been asked before. No matter how many interviews you may have heard or read with her, or how many times you’re heard her speak, you’ll learn something new and gain a deeper appreciation for this remarkable woman.


Now, in this episode, Margaret talks about…

  • A quick overview of what it means to be the animation reference model for Tinker Bell … and how people eventually found out
  • How she got into show business 84 years ago
  • What she loves about TV
  • Working on an episode of The Lone Ranger
  • Tap dancing—now and throughout her career—and how it instilled confidence in her
  • A brief tangent about Singing in the Rain and dancing
  • Living in fear from the time she was a small child, waiting for the next catastrophe to happen—why it happened and how she overcame it
  • The optimism of Tinker Bell and how Margaret brought that to her

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