Episode 117 – Kimberly Markey (Disney Runner & Cancer Conqueror), Part 1


Kimberly Markey & 100 Medals


Today we’re going a little out of the ordinary, even for me, but for very good reason. If you’re looking for a story of Disney-love, of inspiration, and of hope, this is the interview for you. Kimberly Markey is one of my Disney running friends, but even if you’re not a runner you need to hear her story—of challenging herself with running, experiencing Disney like she never had before, battling and beating cancer while taking on some of the toughest race challenges I know about, and so much more!

I also have some listener shout outs to Liz, Jill, Sean, and Michelle!

In this episode, Kimberly talks about…

  • What’s making her smile today
  • How & when she became a runner
  • Going from that first race to the 50 or so a year she does now
  • When races become just a collection of medals rather than an achievement
  • How her love of Disney began
  • Running her first Disney race, especially running up Main Street U.S.A. and through Cinderella Castle
  • Her first Goofy Challenge race weekend—the weekend it basically snowed at Walt Disney World
  • The biggest challenge of multiple-day race weekends for her
  • Her cancer diagnosis in 2013
  • The many runs she did during her cancer treatments—you have to hear this to believe it!
  • How running made all the difference during her cancer treatments


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