Episode 114 – Rudy Novotny (runDisney Announcer), Part 1

Rudy NovotnyToday we begin a 2-part interview with someone I’ve been wanting to chat with for a long time: runDisney Sports Host Rudy Novotny. Rudy has been a race announcer for a long time, a runner for even longer than that, and he has some great stories, insights, and much more, so I’m pleased to bring him to you.


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Now, in this episode, Rudy talks about…

  • What’s making him smile today
  • The start of his running journey
  • What his first race was, and whether he was “one and done” with it
  • His first marathon
  • Whether he still runs races or not
  • Some long-run running advice
  • How he got into race announcing
  • How he got hired as a Disney race announcer
  • The first race he announced with his co-announcer Carissa Bealert
  • How he recovers after a race weekend & what a weekend is like for the announcers
  • Costumes
  • Working with Carissa
  • Some of the most fun they have on race weekend—it’s something a lot of people don’t really know
  • How they deal with race start delays


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