Episode 112 – Traci Hines (Singer, Hipster Mermaid), Part 2

Traci Hines

Today we conclude a 2-part interview with the Hipster Mermaid herself, Traci Hines. You got to hear some great stuff from her in part 1 about her love for Disney, her cosplay history, the Hipster Mermaid phenomenon, being an introvert, and much more.

After this part of the interview, I’ll play another one of Traci’s songs that she was kind enough to share before wrapping up. Yes, that song.

Traci talks about…

  • Some of the health issues she’s faced
  • Her greatest inspiration: her mom
  • Why she has always felt she identifies with Ariel
  • How she deals with many of those issues and how it actually helps her move forward
  • Why Disney means so much to her
  • Her 3 favorite Disney movies
  • Being into some of the grittier stuff, too
  • A shoutout to and talking a little about Margaret Kerry
  • Characters besides Ariel that are her biggest inspiration
  • Her top 2 favorite Disney villains
  • Her love of animals
  • Her newest original song that she’s working on
  • How her music helped me, and a shoutout to Brianna Hertzberg
  • Favorite covers that she’s done
  • Her cover of “Let it Go,” and some other Frozen stuff she’s got coming
  • Adorkable ApparelAdorkable Apparel
  • If she could have any job working for the Walt Disney Company, what it would be—her answer will come as no surprise to you—and how she’s already had a small taste of living that dream
  • Her advice to you for following your dreams
  • Shameless Plug Time

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