Episode 084 – Claire Keane


Claire KeaneIn this episode I get to share with you an interview I’d been very much looking forward to, visual development artist, illustrator, and author Claire Keane. That name may sound familiar to you, and you’ll find out why very soon. We didn’t have a ton of time, but I think we made good use of what we did! If you want to hear more from Claire, let us know in the below or on Facebook, or tweet me and we’ll see what we can do to schedule a follow-up!

I’ve tried to avoid having much of a gap after this episode, but it looks like there’s going to be a longer one than I wanted anyway. I’m preparing this episode 10 days or so before it’s released, because my wife and I are expecting our first child, due April 7. In fact, by the time you hear this we may have already had our little girl! I wasn’t able to line up as many interviews to have a backlog as I’d hoped, but as soon and as frequently as I can, I’ll get new episodes up for you!


In this episode Claire talks about:

  • What a visual development artist does;
  • How she began working for Walt Disney Feature Animation;
  • Working on her first project at Disney, Tangled;
  • Why she loved working on that film and how hard it was when it was done;
  • What is was like working with her dad, Glen Keane, on Tangled;
  • The relationship between visual development artists and character animators;
  • The inspiration for Rapunzel’s murals;
  • Conceptualizing the relationship between Anna & Elsa in Frozen;
  • Claire Keane BookHow her work on Tangled inspired her new book Once Upon a Cloud;
  • What Once Upon a Cloud is about and why she wrote it;
  • How creating this book influenced the way she looks at the world;
  • Her advice to you for following your dreams;
  • Shameless Plug Time.


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