Episode 082 – Laura Dickinson, Part 1

Laura DickinsonIn this episode, we again welcome a returning guest, as we begin a new 2-part interview with Laura Dickinson. Hopefully you recognize her name, but even if you don’t, you’ve heard and enjoyed her voice if you’ve watched Phineas and Ferb, Sofia the First, and other shows, or if you were a fan of Groove 66 at Disney California Adventure. In the 2-1/2 years since we first talked, Laura’s been quite busy with a number of projects that will be of interest to Disney fans, and music fans.


In this episode Laura talks about:

  • Whether working on Sofia the First still makes her “cry tears of joy”;
  • How working on Sofia is different than working on Phineas and Ferb;
  • Which she likes better and why;
  • The Sofia the First spinoff, and how her role is changing on that series;
  • Favorite things she’s done on Sofia;
  • The end of Phineas and Ferb for her—which included belting the highest note she’s ever sung on TV;
  • The challenges of theme park performing;
  • “Mickey’s Detective School”;
  • Live musicians in the Disney parks;
  • Preparing for and caring for her voice in harsh singing conditions;
  • Other challenging performances;
  • Working on Pitch Perfect and on its sequel;
  • Why she recorded One for My Baby, and what it was originally going to be instead;
  • A peek into the process of making the album;
  • Jazz and a capella both taking off right now, and the role she’s playing in it;
  • Her favorite big bands from the classic years;
  • How she chose which songs and which arrangements were going to go on the album;
  • How arranging works and what it’s like.


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6 Responses to Episode 082 – Laura Dickinson, Part 1

  1. Ron Housley says:

    I first learned of Ms. Dickinson through Gordon Goodwin and friends of mine who play in The Big Phat Band that played on her new CD…..which almost goes without saying is a great production. Almost. So I’d better say again “it is a great production.”
    I appreciate the podcast and the background info is great and will sure be sharing with friends. I have quite a few friends who work for The Disney Organization and I heard great things about Ms. Dickinson through them as well so that makes my personally autographed CD of “One For My Baby” all the sweeter. Thanks again for a great interview.

  2. Scott McCollum says:

    Laura: “I’m not fortunate enough to have a man marry me and have children of my own.”

    Alternate headline: “Millions of Men in Los Angeles Confirmed as Blind and Stupid”

  3. Scott McCollum says:

    Fun fact: Not only did I know Laura was quoting George McFly, I used a “Back to the Future” analogy today at work to explain why technical documentation is important.

  4. Scott McCollum says:

    Future show idea for October 2015: Have Laura interview Bob Gale about “Back to the Future.”

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