Episode 081 – Russell Flores, Part 2

Russ FloresIn this episode, we conclude our 2-part interview with Russell Flores, the author of Seen Unseen Disneyland. In part 1, we talked about where his love for Disneyland came from and how it’s been fostered and nurtured, where the idea for his book came from and more about the book itself, as well as the development of it, and more.


In this episode Russ talks about:

  • More about the proofing process for the book;
  • What it was like holding the bound copy of the book for the first time;
  • The differences in some types of relationships with publishers;
  • Proofing woes and second editions;
  • The most surprising things he found while researching for the book;
  • What’s currently got him stumped;
  • A detail he knows exists, but he hasn’t been able to see yet;
  • How he got the picture of the Haunted Mansion’s organist;
  • Plans for his second book;
  • What he hasn’t been asked that he wishes people would ask him;
  • What motivated him to continue with the book once he got the idea for it;
  • What inspires him;
  • His advice to you for following your dreams;
  • Shameless Plug Time.

Seen Unseen Disneyland

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