Episode 079 – Bill Rogers & Camille Dixon, Part 3

 Bill Rogers & Camille DixonIn this episode we conclude our 3-part interview with Bill Rogers and Camille Dixon, the official voices of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure respectively. I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from parts 1 and 2, as Bill & Camille talked about their history in radio, becoming and being the official voices of the parks, some pretty cool announces, having had “real jobs,” their new PBS show On Tour, and improv—including a quick improv game—and more.


In this episode Bill & Camille talk about:

  • The first time they really realized they were part of something really special, and when that still comes to mind;
  • Memories of working with Don Dorsey;
  • Cool stuff about the Disneyland fireworks;
  • Why they can now do only the official park announcements for the most part;
  • Mickey Climbs the Matterhorn;
  • The gig Bill would like in the parks, and his friend who has it now;
  • What else Camille would like to have as a gig in the parks;
  • What each would want to do working for Disney outside of voiceover and announcer;
  • Some appreciation for Disney’s Aulani Resort;
  • What they never get asked that they wish people would ask them;
  • Shout outs for many people who make their jobs as cool as they are;
  • What inspires them;
  • Some challenging, practical, and encouraging advice to you for following your dreams;
  • Shameless Plug Time.


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2 Responses to Episode 079 – Bill Rogers & Camille Dixon, Part 3

  1. John Smithingale says:

    I like your style of interviewing people. I just heard your part 3 interview with Bill and Camille, and had to go back and listen to the other parts as well. If you’ve not heard of Michael J. Kouri, he’s a very interesting former cast member who has written an incredible book about Walt Disney, that came out last Halloween.

    His book is called: The Ghost of Walt Disney & Me. I bought it and couldn’t put it down. Mr. Kouri’s Disney history is incredible. He worked at W.E.D. with John Hench, Harriet Burns, and spent the last 30 years meeting with and interviewing a plethora of Disney legends including Lillian Disney, Diane Disney-Miller, and Sharon Disney. Roy Disney Jr., the Sherman Brothers, Dame Julie Andrews, Haley Mills, Annette Funicello, and other Disney actors, Ray Bradbury, pop sensation: Michael Jackson and many, many other people who shared interesting tidbits with Mr. Kouri for this book.

    Some of the people he interviewed also shared their experiences while attending Walt Disney’s very private funeral, which has Never been written in any book. The stories on the internet, currently aren’t quite right, but those who Michael interviewed who actually trusted Michael with the info, which is quite shocking. Michael also knew people who worked at Forest Lawn back then who also shared their experiences in working with the Disney family during those sad days.

    This book is well worth reading – it’s absolutely incredible!!!

    Michael writes in a style that’s very Steinbeckian, describing rides and attractions at Disneyland and shows nearly 500 photographs, many that have never been seen before his book, mainly because they are from the private sector, or the very people who built Disneyland.

    His book is like 80% historical and 20% paranormal, but the ghost stories are exceptional and the entire book praises Walt Disney, and his baby [Disneyland]. Anyway, I really think your fans would love to hear Mr. Kouri in one of your pod casts. I’ve seen him on Oprah, Gene Simmons Family Jewels at the Queen Mary ship, 20/20 with Barbara Walters and many other TV shows as well. I got to meet Michael recently at the Gallifrey One convention held in Los Angeles and was so impressed with his easy style of lecturing to a standing room only crowd. His booth was always full of fans and his career as a historian makes him stand alone. He’s also working on a new book that comes out this June called A Tale of Two Walters, half of this book will share stories of Walt Disney working on the last 6 attractions before his death, and the flip side will be all about Walter Knott, of Knott’s Berry Farm. I can hardly wait for this new book to come out.

    Thanks again, I hope to hear Mr. Kouri on your Pod Cast, soon. I just know that you and your fans will enjoy meeting and hearing him.

    His contact information is: (626) 791-1129 Pasadena, Ca., email is icghosts@hotmail.com His books are only available on Ebay and his website http://WWW.ICGHOSTS.COM

    John Smithingale

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