Episode 078 – Bill Rogers & Camille Dixon, Part 2

Bill Rogers, Camille Dixon, and Me!In this episode we continue our 3-part interview with Bill Rogers and Camille Dixon, the official voices of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure respectively. I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from part 1, as Bill & Camille talked about their history in radio, becoming and being the official voices of the parks, some fun stories, and what they love most about what they do.


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In this episode Bill & Camille talk about:

  • Doing early morning rehearsals;
  • The coolest announce Bill has ever done;
  • Why they ran late every time they did a Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiere, and some great information about Johnny Depp;
  • Bill’s favorite thing to announce in the park—Candlelight Processional, including some fascinating behind-the-scenes on it;
  • Camille getting to take over the holiday tag for Epcot’s Illuminations: Reflections of Earth;
  • Acknowledging that they’ve actually had “real jobs” in the past;
  • The new PBS show they’re creating on creativity called On Tour;
  • Why creativity is so important and how to start developing yours;
  • What it’s like for Bill & Camille working together;
  • The best improv coach they have—I can almost guarantee it’s not who you think;
  • Why improv is great training for voice actors;
  • Their favorite improv game—you won’t want to miss listening to this!;
  • Whether it’s different being the voices of the respective parks, and how they tease each other;
  • The thing that’s always amazed Bill about going to Disney parks.


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