Episode 075 – Joe Cosgrove, Part 2

Joe Cosgrove

In this episode we continue our 3-part interview with Joe Cosgrove, author of Walt Dreamers Meconducted in person in the Club 1901 Lounge at Disney California Adventure. Last time we talked about what made Disney such a profound influence on his early life, as well as some other key individuals and events that shaped him, connected him, and positioned him for a pretty amazing journey. This time we’re diving right back in where we left off and discussing Walt applying his beliefs—not just his religious faith, but also the other things he believed in—and pretty much the entire episode is about Walt.


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In this episode Joe talks about:

  • Walt’s beginning with the Alice Comedies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the creation of Mickey Mouse;
  • How Walt (and Mickey) saved many companies from bankruptcy;
  • Walt’s political leanings and some politicians he was friends with—including his role in Ronald Reagan becoming President of the United States;
  • Storyboarding;
  • Joshua Meador;
  • The genesis, development, and premiere of Snow White;
  • Mary Poppins;
  • A great story about Walt Disney former Mouseketeer Jimmie Dodd shared with Joe;
  • Stories about Walt and Disneyland, including quite a bit about Candlelight Processional.


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