Episode 057 – Jennifer McGill

Jennifer McGill EP
Stories of the Magic, Episode 57


Interview Guest: Jennifer McGill



We have a first this time. Back in episodes 23, 24, and 25, I had Jennifer McGill, former Mouseketeer from the New Mickey Mouse Club. At the time, she talked about work she was doing on an album, an EP as it turns out, and I told her I’d have her back on the show when it was out. Well it is, so she is.


We don’t just talk about her album though, Jennifer has lots of great MMC stories to share with you. When we do get to the album—and even before—she has some very encouraging things to say, so if you’re in need of a bit of encouragement today, do yourself a favor and listen to this show. I know it’s another long one, but it was right on the cusp where one show was a bit long, but two would have been too short, so we’re going with a long one.


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Jennifer talks about:

  • Lindsey Alley, one of the first of the New Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers;
  • The hosts of the MMC—Mowava Pryor, Fred Newman, and Terri Misner;
  • “Wild Thing Weekend”;
  • What it was like backstage, especially with the hair and makeup people, and why it was so amazing for her;
  • Chase Hampton, another of the first members of the MMC;
  • What it was like to watch some of the other Mouseketeers go on to such prominent fame;
  • What Britney Spears was like on set of the New Mickey Mouse Club;
  • Joking with Joey Fatone, and some more memories of him;
  • Struggling with the “fame issue” and how she’s overcome it;
  • Her self-titled EP;
  • One of the tracks—What I Know—and why it’s so important to her;
  • What is most meaningful to her to hear from fans;
  • Shameless Plug Time.


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