Episode 023 – Jennifer McGill, Part 1

 Jennifer McGill

Stories of the Magic, Episode 23


Interview Guest: Jennifer McGill



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This week, we finally get to begin our interview with Jennifer McGill. Jennifer got her start with Disney as one of the original Cast Members of the New Mickey Mouse Club, which first aired in 1989 and ran for seven seasons. She has some wonderful stories from her time on the show, and after it as she came back and worked for Disney again later. We had such a wonderful time talking—and I trust you’ll have just as great a time listening, that this episode is actually the first of three parts! After the interview, enjoy a clip from her song, This Little Light.


I got a new computer earlier this month and this was my first interview using the new computer. A lot was better about it, but there are still a couple of technical issues I’m working on resolving, so the audio may be a bit off. There are a few places where my audio stepped on hers and times where my voice sounds odd—thankfully, here’s sound pretty good, though. I minimized it as much as I could, but it’s still in there now and then. I apologize for that and I’m working on resolving those issues for future interviews.


Jennifer talks about:

  • How she got started working for Disney, and being part of the New Mickey Mouse Club;
  • The film she was almost cast in;
  • How the Mickey Mouse Club prepared and shaped her as a high-caliber performer;
  • What else she did for Disney, this time as a Walt Disney World Cast Member in the Voice of Liberty and Tarzan Rocks, and more;
  • What she did in Magic Music Days, and more information about what that is;
  • A couple of memorable in-park experiences from her days in the Mickey Mouse Club, including riding Tower of Terror with Christina Aguilera;
  • The picture that started her career, and her hobby as a 7-year-old that led to her casting;
  • What changed in the way she approaches casting calls and performances;
  • The first time she consciously realized she was doing something special;
  • What it was like being a student while working on the Mickey Mouse Club (you’ll be amazed at what she had to do her junior year in high school);
  • Transitioning into “normal life” for the first time in almost a decade.


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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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