Episode 121.5 – A Special Episode

Special Episode 121.5

Lots of podcasts seem to be ending right now. At least 3 that I listen to have announced they are ending between now and the end of the year, and maybe a half dozen more have faded away during the year. Not us. I have too many more people and stories to bring to you. Seriously, you should see my list of people I’ve contacted or want to contact. I’ve got a ton on there!


That said, Stories of the Magic is taking a break. I didn’t really want to do this now, but I have to, for one simple reason: My podcast equipment is literally falling apart. The headphones hurt to wear and the microphone quality is getting worse. I need to replace it before I can do any more Skype interviews. What you’re hearing now I’m recording on my phone because I can’t use the regular equipment even for this.


So, Stories of the Magic will be on hiatus until the first of the year & will resume as soon as possible after that. I’ll be working on scheduling guests so I can start interviews as soon as I can in the new year. But I have to wait until after the holidays to replace my equipment. I know what mic I plan to get, and which headphones, and neither are terribly expensive—they’re just more than I have at the moment. Once I have those, I’ll be able to start back up, with better quality than ever before—the quality you and my guests deserve!


I’m planning a couple of changes when the podcast returns. I asked a few episodes ago if you would be interested in me including a Disney tidbit in each episode. I got enough positive feedback on it that we’re going to give it a try. Also, I’l be adding Disney news to website—not the podcast, there are enough podcasts that include Disney news—just to the website.


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  • Join me for the Skywalking Through Neverland & Stories of the Magic podcast cruise. It’ll be a great vacation for you, an amazing cruise—Disney cruises always are—and it’s all made even better sailing with friends and fellow listeners!
  • http://storiesofthemagic.com/support: I’ve got a list and links to several other options you can choose from—things from buying my books to making a straight donation to hiring me for some of the services I can provide.
  • Of course, you don’t have to spend money to support the show (though it helps—iTunes reviews won’t buy a microphone), and I’ve got those on the Support page, too. Reviews, feedback, sharing your own stories, and more. There’s literally something on that page for every listener.



Thanks for listening!


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