Episode 070 – Jeff Heimbuch, Part 2

Jeff HeimbuchIn this episode we conclude my interview with Jeff Heimbuch at Disneyland. In part 1, we talked about Jeff working with Rolly Crump on his autobiography and getting to know him, the companion CDs, and writing his own book. This time we’ll talk more about his book, his podcast, Communicore Weekly, and more!


As before, we did have to stop recording a couple of times as fans of Jeff saw us and came over to say hello and take a picture, which was cool. Other than those pauses, though, what you’ll hear is the real-time sounds of the park and the interview—still with some unexpected clicks that came from somewhere I can’t identify, but hopefully they’re not too distracting. Enjoy!


In this episode Jeff talks about:

  • What two of the most fascinating windows are that he discovered while researching the book, including one pretty hilarious story;
  • How the Communicore Weekly podcast got started;
  • Behind the scenes with the podcast;
  • Is Disney hitting us over the head with Frozen or is it guest demand?;
  • More detours about Disney attractions present and future;
  • Back to Communicore Weekly—what’s in it and what makes it different;
  • Going more in depth on George’s Book of the Week segment;
  • Visiting Flushing Meadows, the site of the 1964-65 World’s Fair;
  • Whether show segments ever go off-topic;
  • If he could work for the Walt Disney Company what he would do and why;
  • Whether there’s something he never gets asked but wishes he would—and then we talk about it;
  • What inspires him;
  • His advice to you for following your dreams;
  • Shameless Plug Time.


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