Episode 068 – Chris Lyndon, Part 2

Chris Lyndon

In this episode, we conclude our interview with former Disneyland Cast Member, former Walt Disney World College Program Cast Member, and creator of the Disneyland audio website, DisneyChris.com, Chris Lyndon. Last time, we focused mainly on Chris’s time as a Cast Member on the two coasts. This time, we finish that up and talk about his website and what makes it so incredible!

I want to keep Stories of the Magic fresh, and make it meet your interests and needs, so I’m thinking of changing it up a bit. The interviews will remain the core of the show, but do you want to hear anything else? Disney news, my opinion about any Disney-related stuff, Disney parks tips, trivia, or tidbits, or maybe a Q&A where you can ask me anything—preferably having to do with Disney? Comment on the shownotes for this episode, call the listener feedback line, email me, or even post it on the Facebook page and let me know which of these you want. Of course, if you prefer I leave things exactly like they are, tell me that, too!


In this episode Chris talks about:

  • Working at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular;
  • Some behind-the-scenes info about the show and how it’s staged;
  • Favorite memories while working with guests;
  • Whether he’d want to work for Disney again;
  • The first time it hit him that he was doing what he’d always dreamed of;
  • What he loved most about what he did;
  • An overview of his website, DisneyChris.com;
  • How he got started audio editing and how that began to encompass Disneyland;
  • The massive scope of his website;
  • Whether he’s concerned about copyright infringement issues;
  • His wish list of audio tracks he doesn’t have but wants to;
  • What he’s working on for the site right now;
  • Some other features and highlights from the site;
  • Why he took a break from the audio editing and posting for a while;
  • If he could have any job working for Disney, what it would be and why;
  • What inspires him;
  • His advice to you for following your dreams;
  • Shameless Plug Time (including MouseClubhouse.com and HorseandRabbit.com).


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