Episode 067 – Chris Lyndon, Part 1

Chris Lyndon

In this episode, we begin a new interview with Chris Lyndon. Chris is a former Disneyland Cast Member, former Walt Disney World College Program Cast Member, and creator of the Disneyland audio website, DisneyChris.com. This time, we focus mainly on Chris’s time as a Cast Member on the two coasts. Next time, we finish that up and talk about his website and makes it so incredible!

I have a very, very special announcement to make. For the foreseeable future, there may be some extra gaps between interviews—more than usual— in fact, that’s what happened with this episode. But for what I think is an excellent reason. My wife and I are expecting our first child, due in early April 2015! As you may know, this time brings extra demands, unexpected schedule changes, and so on, so depending on what’s happening any given week, family time, baby preparation, etc. may take precedence over podcasting. I do still look forward to bringing you great interviews with interesting people, though, and I hope you’ll celebrate with us at this time!


In this episode Chris talks about:

  • How he got started working at Disneyland;
  • Working as a steward at the Plaza Inn and the Inn Between;
  • The most difficult part of that job;
  • His favorite part about working for Disneyland;
  • A memory he’ll never forget;
  • What it was like for him to get to go backstage for the first time;
  • Traditions class at Disneyland and comparing it to Walt Disney World;
  • Comparing other “regular” jobs to that first one;
  • Becoming part of the College Program;
  • Working as a custodian on Main Street U.S.A., and bussing tables at a couple of restaurants;
  • Something unique to the Magic Kingdom’s custodial system that doesn’t exist at any other Disney park;
  • His favorite thing to do in that first College Program term;
  • New Year’s Eve in the Magic Kingdom;
  • An explanation and description of the Utilidors;
  • His second College Program term, as an attractions host;
  • Being an attractions host at Star Tours;
  • The “Bump System”.


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