Episode 065 – Stacey J. Aswad, Part 1

Stacey J. AswadIn this episode, we begin a very enjoyable interview with Stacey J. Aswad from Must Do Disney. Almost as good as the interview itself is the fact that I have everything working properly on my new headset, so I think you’ll notice a definite improvement on the audio quality, too—back up to my standards.


You may notice that this episode is a little shorter than usual. The total interview is actually almost an hour, which was right on the cusp of to split or not to split. I’m really trying to keep each episode to a manageable length, though, so I decided to split it for you. Just think, now you have 2 weeks of Stacey to enjoy! And even though we talked for an hour, I still didn’t get to about half my questions so if you enjoy these episodes, let us know and we’ll see what we can do about an encore!


In this episode Stacey talks about:

  • What it’s like for her to be a part of people’s Walt Disney World vacations;
  • How she got the “Top 7 Must Sees” hosting job;
  • Unexpectedly staying on to become the host of “Must Do Disney”;
  • Whether she’d ever considered working for Disney—or even thought it was a possibility;
  • Whether she works with the same crew every time, or if they change;
  • Her approach and mindset to shooting the Must Do Disney segments;
  • The most challenging part of filming;
  • The most rewarding part of doing it;
  • The importance of family to her;
  • Riding thrill rides, how much fun it is for her, and riding multiple times;
  • If there was anything she had to shoot that did freak her out.


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