Episode 064 – Colette Piceau, Part 2

Colette PiceauIn this episode, we conclude my interview with former Hoop De Doo Revue & Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular performer and current attraction show writer for many of the major themed entertainment companies, Colette Piceau.


Last time, Colette talked about her time with Hoop Dee Doo, the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, the Adventurer’s Club, and some of her experience as a show writer, including her very first show writing job.


In this episode Colette talks about:

  • Whether she’d ever anticipated being able to use all the experiences she’d gained the way she is now;
  • Behind the scenes on developing SeaWorld’s “Blue Horizons” show;
  • Whether she ever got any formal training in show writing;
  • How some of her interests and activities prepared her for being a show writer;
  • Her favorite sci-fi or fantasy series (of books);
  • Her favorite role in all that she does in her company, It Ain’t Shakespeare, and some of her favorite projects doing it;
  • Other projects she’s worked on for the themed entertainment industry—including a couple she worked on with Adam Berger;
  • More details about what a Show Information Guide is and how it’s created;
  • The attractions she’s worked on that have won THEA (Themed Entertainment Association) awards;
  • Working on some overseas parks and attractions;
  • Writing for Jack Hannah’s Animal Adventures, Shamu TV, and more TV shows;
  • The huge challenge of writing for Jack Hannah’s Animal Adventures, especially because this was pre-digital;
  • Her major involvement in the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins attraction at SeaWorld Orlando;
  • Advice for what you should study or know to be a theme park writer—some of this may surprise you;
  • What inspires her;
  • Her advice to you for following your own dream;
  • Shameless Plug Time.

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