Episode 062 – Adam Berger, Part 3

Adam Berger
Today, we conclude our interview with Adam Berger, former Walt Disney World Cast Member, current show writer, and author of the book Every Guest is a Hero: Disney Theme Parks and the Magic of Mythic Storytelling.


So far, we’ve talked about Adam’s time working at Walt Disney World, how and why he started doing so, and how that set him up for what he’s doing now as a show writer, his work as a show writer, and quite a bit about his book, and about the Hero’s Journey.


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In this episode Adam talks about:

  • Every Guest is a HeroA hypothetical example of the real-life Hero’s Journeys of the first generation of Imagineers;
  • How there can be multiple Supreme Ordeals in a single journey;
  • One of the best example of the Hero’s Journey in the parks—Mission: Space;
  • Is the Magic Carpets of Aladdin ride (in Walt Disney World) a Hero’s Journey;
  • Walking through a possible way to understand the new Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train as a Hero’s Journey—this includes a bit of a spoiler, by the way;
  • Book-report rides vs. other types of attractions, what those are and which kind he’d most prefer to work on;
  • Tips for you if you want to become more aware of mythic storytelling in the Disney parks;
  • Moving beyond the parks, how the Hero’s Journey perspective can help in your daily life;
  • What he never gets asked that he wishes someone would ask him;
  • What inspires him;
  • His advice to you for following—or finding—your dream;
  • Shameless Plug Time;
  • What else there is in the book besides the Hero’s Journey.

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