Episode 061 – Adam Berger, Part 2

Adam Berger
Today, we continue our interview with Adam Berger, former Walt Disney World Cast Member, current show writer, and author of the book Every Guest is a Hero: Disney Theme Parks and the Magic of Mythic Storytelling.


In part 1, we talked about Adam’s time working at Walt Disney World, how and why he started doing so, and how that set him up for what he’s doing now as a show writer—though the path was by no means direct! We spent the remainder of part 1 talking about his work as a show writer—what that means and some of the projects he’s worked on.


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In this episode Adam talks about:

  • Working for Herschend Family Entertainment on a bunch of their projects and properties like Silver Dollar City, Ride the Ducks, Dollywood, and more;
  • Why he so enjoys working on Ride the Ducks;
  • A couple of projects for SeaWorld Orlando he had a hand in that opened recently—Antarctica and TurtleTrek;
  • Why this is a great time to break into the world of show writing, and the most important skills you need to do so—they’re not what you may expect;
  • What he loves most about what he does;
  • Why he wrote Every Guest is a Hero and what the book is about;
  • How Adam became interested in Joseph Campbell and “the Hero’s Journey”;
  • Why the Hero’s Journey is so prevalent in the parks;
  • Why it can be difficult to think through these ideas in a very linear fashion—like I tend to do;
  • The basic character archetypes in the Hero’s Journey (also known as the monomyth);
  • The purpose of the hero;
  • The 4 main movements or stages of the journey;
  • Properly defining “myth”—it doesn’t automatically mean “fictional”;
  • The difference between classical fairy tales and so-called “modern fairy tales” like Once Upon a Time and Maleficent—the current ones aren’t really fairy tales;
  • Whether Imagineers consciously use the Hero’s Journey when they’re creating attractions;
  • The Hero’s Journeys of the first generation of Walt Disney’s Imagineers that they themselves were on.

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