Episode 052 – Suzannah Mitchell, Part 1

Suzannah Mitchell - ZannaLandStories of the Magic, Episode 52



Interview Guest: Suzannah Mitchell


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In this episode, we begin a 2-part interview with creator of the ZannaLand website and former Walt Disney World Cast Member Suzannah Mitchell. We had a great talk about her time as a Cast Member, creating and running ZannaLand, being on the Disney Moms Panel, what she really wanted to do for Disney, and more.

In this episode, Suzannah talks about…

  • How she got started working for Disney and what she did;
  • Being one of the first people to work at the Main Street Athletic Club;
  • What it felt like to be in Disney’s Traditions class;
  • Getting her name tag;
  • Moving back up north and working at the Disney Store—and how different that was from working in the parks;
  • Moving back to Florida and finally getting the job she’d wanted all along;
  • Having to give that job up sooner than she’d have liked;
  • Why Disney, especially the Disney parks, mean so much to her;
  • The first time she remembers thinking, “I’m really part of this!”—it’s one of her most treasured memories;
  • Her first visit to Disneyland;
  • What she loved most about working for Disney;
  • A couple of in-park stories;
  • How Zannaland came to be;
  • Becoming a member of the Disney Moms Panel.


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