Episode 048 – Doug Lipp, Part 1

Stories of the Magic, Episode 48



Interview Guest: Doug Lipp





In this episode, we have the first of a 2-part interview with Doug Lipp. Doug enjoyed a unique career with Disney, from a marketing internship to Disneyland to Tokyo Disneyland to Disney University in multiple roles, and we touch on all of it. He also has great insights about leadership—whether you’re leading a multi-billion dollar corporation or your own family—and he had some amazing mentors.


In this episode, Doug talks about…

  • How he got started at Disney and what he did;
  • His internship with The Magic Kingdom Club;
  • His original goal, and how Disney sidetracked that…in a good way;
  • An early memory of going to Disneyland;
  • What brought him back to the Walt Disney Company after graduate school;
  • Combining his training skills and Japanese language skills to help with the opening of Tokyo Disneyland;
  • Two of his primary mentors: Van France (founder of Disney University) and Jim Cora (among other things, he was on Walt Disney’s team to open the Enchanted Tiki Room);
  • The origin of the terms onstage, backstage, cast member, etc. as they related to Disneyland;
  • What it was like to visit Tokyo Disneyland for the first time in 19 years;
  • The similarities he sees between Japanese culture and Disney culture;
  • Taking the opportunity to lead the training team at the Walt Disney Studios and what he did in that role;
  • A great, but brief, discussion about former Walt Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook;
  • A rarely-heard quote from Walt Disney, and now one of my favorites;
  • How he met his wife, Pam, while working for Disney;
  • The transition of the Walt Disney Company to Michael Eisner and Frank Wells, and his experience giving them their name badges;
  • A memory of when he knew he was doing something truly special;
  • And more.


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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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