Episode 019 – Jill Burke, Part 2


Jill Burke

Stories of the Magic, Episode 19


Interview Guest: Jill Burke




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I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my interview with Jill Burke last week. Today, we delve into part 2. In the previous episode Jill shared with us how she started working at Disneyland, her time on the various Tomorrowland attractions before she moved into what she really wanted to do, being Jasmine as a “newbie”, surrounded by an experienced cast–and some extra fun she had in her last show, being Miss Anaheim 1991 while also being a Disneyland Cast Member, performing at the El Capitan Theater; her two shows at Disney California Adventure (Chance to Shine and Groove 66), and more.


We must have been getting closer to families heading into Disneyland for the Halloween party, because there are a few extra instances of noisy people walking by. Again, I edited out as much as I could, but some of it’s still there because in my opinion, what Jill was sharing was too valuable to lose, but the trade-off is extra noise. I do apologize for that.


Jill talks to us about:

  • Her work as a clinician for Magic Music Days at Disneyland;
  • Doing special events, especially as part of Groove 66;
  • How she got started working for Disneyland (and why she started on Autopia);
  • Some of her most special memories working at the park—and at the El Capitan;
  • What it’s like when you don’t get the part;
  • A tip about viewing the fireworks;
  • What inspires her;
  • Why she started running marathons;
  • Her advice for following your dreams;
  • What she’s currently doing:


Also hear Jill sing The Story.

Find Jill:


The Disney’s Magical Dreams video Jill mentioned during the interview. You’ve got to watch this!

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