Episode 011 – David Smith, Part 2

 David Smith

Stories of the Magic, Episode 11


Interview Guest: David Smith



In this episode of Stories of the Magic, enjoy part 2 of my interview with David Smith. David grew up “in the shadow of the Matterhorn”, down the street from Disneyland. He had a few different roles in his 6 years there, and since then, he’s co-written the Hidden Mickey series of books, a fiction, action-adventure series of books.

Think “National Treasure meets Disneyland” and you’ve got the idea. Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! is the first in this series of action-adventure mysteries about Walt Disney and Disneyland, written with the adult reader in mind, but age appropriate for those 10 and up. Hidden Mickey was the first book of this type written for the adult level reader. It also was the first mystery based on historical fiction as it relates to Walt Disney and Disneyland. In May of 2011, David released Hidden Mickey 5: Chasing New Frontiers.

Then this year, In the Shadow of the Matterhorn was released. This book is David’s look at Disneyland from the perspective of living very close to the Park, working at the Park, and the life-changing effect that Disneyland had on so many. Listen to the interview, then go get the books!  [Note, all Amazon links are affiliate links.]


In Part 2, David talks about:

  • Co-authoring Hidden Mickey 1 and Hidden Mickey 2 with Nancy Temple Rodrigue;
  • Writing Hidden Mickey 5 and what it’s about;
  • The rewards of writing and how he gets through some of the difficult parts;
  • An excellent reason to write a book yourself;
  • The challenges of writing a fiction book, especially when the characters don’t want to cooperate;
  • In the Shadow of the Matterhorn, and the differences with David Koenig’s Mouse Tales books;
  • Being the first non-Disney published authors to be invited to do a signing at Downtown Disney;
  • The job he’d most like to have working for the Walt Disney Company;
  • Tips for enjoying Disneyland even more;
  • What inspires him;
  • Advice to you for following your dreams.

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