Episode 004 – Yehaa Bob Jackson



Stories of the Magic, Episode 4


Interview Guest: Yehaa Bob.





We had a bit of an issue with Skype, so the interview audio quality isn’t quite up to our standards, but it’s the best we could do so we worked with what we had.


In this episode of Stories of the Magic, we hear from Yehaa Bob, pianist, entertainer, and comedian. He has been featured at Walt Disney World for more than fifteen years. With a show that features great singa-longs, fast and furious boogie-woogie piano solos (with some foot-stomping ragtime thrown in for good measure), Bob’s main gift is to draw in and engage audiences of all ages.  Yehaa Bob tell us his stories about:


  • How he got started working for Disney;
  • What his show at Port Orleans Riverside is like (even if you’ve seen it many times, you may hear something you didn’t know);
  • What he loves most about what he does;
  • His newest CD, Bob Plays for Kids;
  • His CD Bob Plays Your Gospel Favorites;
  • Volunteering at Give Kids the World;
  • The question he never gets asked…but did this time;
  • What he enjoys doing outside of his time at the River Roost Lounge (did you know he answers all of his mail?);
  • His favorite song(s) to play;
  • What inspires him;
  • His advice to you for following your own dreams & passion;
  • What he has going on right now.


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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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