Episode 105 – Bob Gurr, Part 1

Bob Gurr & Randy CraneIn this episode I finally get to share an interview with you that began many months ago. In March of 2015, just a few days before my daughter was born, I interviewed Disney Legend and Imagineer Bob Gurr by Skype video. Unfortunately, the video stopped recording about 1/3 of the way through, but I didn’t know it until we were all done. Fortunately, Bob was very understanding about the technical issue and was willing to re-record. Of course, my daughter was born less than a week later, and that put all the podcasting stuff completely on hold for a while. Long story short—if it’s not too late for that—we finally had a chance to do that re-recording in early December, and now I’m sharing part 1 with you!

In this episode, Bob talks about…

  • How he got started working for Disney and what he did at first
  • The first time he met Walt Disney
  • Walt’s lack of formality and the way he talked to people
  • The “bad word” I said, and Bob’s correction of me
  • The way projects got started and were developed
  • How they knew when they were done—or done enough—with a project
  • How he became involved in the Matterhorn Bobsleds development and some of what he did on it
  • The place of the Matterhorn in history, and how it came to be
  • Omnimover—the ride system used in the Haunted Mansion, for example—and it being an overused term
  • The difference between an Animatronic and an Audio Animatronic
  • The first time he realized they were doing something really special
  • What he loved most about what he did working for Disney
  • A preview of a Bob Gurr documentary coming out in 2016
  • The first project he had as Gurr Design after he was no longer working for Disney in 1981
  • Some of the jobs that first one led to, like a 24-foot dragon for Universal Studios’ Conan the Barbarian show and a 30-foot tall King Kong
  • How you get the job for these out-there requests
  • Whether he’s taken any jobs that were more than he could handle
  • If he’s ever disappointed when  an attraction he’s designed closes


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