Episode 103 – Jim Korkis, Part 1


Jim KorkisIn this episode we have a returning guest on the show, Disney historian and author Jim Korkis is back for a 2-part interview. I introduce him much more in the interview intro, so let me give you a preview of what we’re going to cover and then we’ll dive on in!


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In this episode, Jim talks about…

  • Some of the practical jokes Disney animators used to play on each other
  • Why December was generally such a good month for the Disney family
  • Why Walt’s brother Roy is such an underrated member of the family
  • What it was like for Walt as a kid having his birthday so close to Christmas, and more about his early Christmases [this part has a little bit about Santa that you may want to skip if you have little ears listening, about 13 minutes in to the interview section for 6 minutes]
  • One of the most difficult things for Tom Hanks when it came to portraying Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks
  • Why Walt’s intended Christmas scene for Bambi didn’t make it into the film
  • Disney Christmas comic strips
  • The gift Walt got as an early teenager that transformed his entire life
  • An animated Christmas cartoon where Walt voiced a character
  • Some favorite Christmas gifts Jim and I got over the years



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