Episode 093 – Jessica Clawson, Part 1


Jessica Clawson

In this episode, we begin a 3-part interview with former Walt Disney World Cast Member, Jessica Clawson. Jessica had a very strong desire to be a Cast Member and she took a pretty big risk to make it happen. While she worked there, she had some very interesting experiences both working in the parks and at the resorts, and we get into all of that in today’s episode.


Once we finish this interview, in episode 95, the next ones will be devoted to the 2015 D23 Expo. Stay tuned to the Stories of the Magic Facebook page, though, for live reports, happenings, photos, videos, and more throughout the weekend of August 14-16. And if you’d like, follow me on Periscope at Belgarion42 [can’t link this, sorry!], since I’m going to try to do that some over the weekend, too!


In this episode, Jessica talks about…

  • How she got started at Walt Disney World and what she did there at first;
  • What made Toy Story Midway Mania an interesting attraction to work, and some fun stories of what she heard from guests;
  • The various positions at Toy Story, and what goes into working each one;
  • How she played with guests at times;
  • A time she was able to make some magic for a guest;
  • Working Toy Story Midway Mania when it was broken down on Christmas day—including a little backstory on the attraction you may not have realized;
  • When and why she transferred out of Attractions;
  • What she misses most about working at WDW;
  • The questions she got most from guests as a resort concierge pre- and post-Magic Bands;
  • What the transition was like for her pre- to post-Magic Bands;
  • Advantages to the Magic Bands and My Disney Experience system.

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