Episode 059 – Rolly Crump, Part 2

Rolly Crump
Stories of the Magic, Episode 59




Interview Guest: Rolly Crump



Today, we finish up my interview with Disney Legend, Imagineer, and more, Rolly Crump. As before, I got to ask a number of questions I’ve never been able to ask, this time more about the people he worked for and with.

Now, as I mentioned last time, in case you have sensitive ears, there is a little bit of PG-level language in this interview. You’d hear worse in almost any primetime TV show nowadays, but since the interviews are usually 100% G-rated, I thought you should know.


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In this episode Rolly talks about:

  • Bringing it’s a small world to Walt Disney World, including the changes he made (some because he wanted to, some because he had to);
  • Yale Gracey;
  • Mary Blair;
  • Eric Larson;
  • Bob Gurr;
  • John Hench, Rolly’s mentor;
  • Walt Disney;
  • What it was like for him when Walt passed away;
  • Playing gags on each other at the Disney studio and in Imagineering—I almost left one of these stories out, but it was just to “Rolly” to cut;
  • “Another great story about vodka”—now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d hear in this podcast, but it really is a pretty funny story;
  • Whether he ever thought he was doing something special while he was working for Disney;
  • What it’s like to get all the attention he’s getting now;
  • What he loved most about what he did—one of them is something you can still see today if you visit Disneyland;
  • If there’s anything he’s never been asked that he’d like to be asked;
  • A thanks to Jeff Heimbuch for his work with Rolly on It’s Kind of a Cute Story, and why it was so different from other authors who’d wanted to work with him;
  • What inspires him;
  • His advice to you for following your dreams;
  • Shameless Plug Time.

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