Episode 043 – Brian Levine, Part 3

 Brian Levine
Stories of the Magic, Episode 43



Interview Guest: Brian Levine




  • Welcome to Episode 43 of Stories of the Magic! I’m Randy, your host. Thank you for joining me!


    In this episode, we conclude our 3-part interview with Brian Levine. Brian’s already shared some wonderful and interesting stories in the first two parts, so if you’ve missed either or both, I encourage you to go back and listen to them.


    In this episode Brian talks about…

    • The first time he felt like he was doing something really special;
    • What still sticks with him since his time with Disneyland;
    • What he loved most about what he did;
    • What he learned while working at Disneyland that’s stuck with him more than everything he learned in college;
    • An extra story about a special guest;
    • What he would do if he could do anything working for the Walt Disney Company;
    • His unique collection, and the podcast related to it;
    • What he never gets asked that he would like to;
    • What finally made him understand what makes Disney parks qualitatively different than any other theme park;
    • His last day working at Disneyland;
    • What inspires him;
    • His advice to you for following your dreams.


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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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