Episode 041 – Brian Levine, Part 1

 Brian Levine
Stories of the Magic, Episode 41



Interview Guest: Brian Levine




Welcome to Episode 41 of Stories of the Magic! I’m Randy, your host. Thank you for joining me!

In this episode, we begin a 3-part interview with Brian Levine. If you’ve been to Disneyland…well, ever, you’ve seen, and probably ridden, at least one of the attractions he worked: The Disneyland Railroad and the Main Street Vehicles. These have always fascinated me, so I was very excited to talk to Brian!


In this episode Brian talks about…

  • How he got started working at Disneyland (he had a really great attitude when applying);
  • What the train conductor does;
  • What he liked best about being a conductor;
  • His favorite parts of the railroad route;
  • Being the conductor in the Lilly Belle;
  • Interesting Disneyland train history;
  • Bringing the train out from the roundhouse and taking it back in;
  • Some of what makes Main Street special;
  • Working the motorized Main Street vehicle, including which one was his favorite;
  • Something special he did on occasion for guests who wanted to view the parade;
  • State Fair and Blast to the Past (if you’ve never heard of these, you’ve got to listen to this part!).

Find Brian’s Podcast (talked about in part 3):

Podcasts Spotlighted in this Episode:


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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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