Episode 032 – Rachel Scherr, Part 2

Rachel ScherrStories of the Magic, Episode 32


Interview Guest: Rachel Scherr


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This time, I bring you the second and final part of my interview with Rachel Scherr. As I mentioned in the intro last week, I’m sure some of you have considered calling or writing in to share a story with me, or even say that you’re interested in being interviewed, but you’ve thought, “I’m not famous. I didn’t have a high profile or important job. No one would want to hear from me.” Again, I hope this interview shows you that we do want to hear from you. Your stories—and who you are—is valuable. You don’t have to be famous or have a high-profile or so-called “important” job to be on Stories of the Magic.


In this episode, Rachel talks about:Rachel Scherr
  • Her many trips to “The World” (including a funny story from one of them when she was in college);
  • What it was like going to Disneyland the first time after so many trips to Walt Disney World;
  • The first time she remembers thinking, “I’m here! I’m actually doing this!” and what her early days in the College Program were like;
  • What she loved most about what she did;
  • Being a College Campus Representative—and why she wanted to do it;
  • How these experiences prepared her for what she’s doing now;
  • A couple of favorite guest stories;
  • If she regrets not being able to work in her first-choice position—The World Famous Jungle Cruise;
  • The job she would most like to have working for Disney;
  • The first podcast she ever listened to (here’s a hint: Betamouse Nation lives!)
  • What inspires her;
  • And her advice to you for following your dream.


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I want to hear from you, so please email me, leave a comment below, or call the Listener Feedback line at (734) 23-STORY.   If you call in, don’t worry about having to sound perfect. If you ask me to, I’ll edit out any mistakes so you sound as good as you possibly can. You’re even welcome to start your entire story over again and I’ll use the “take” you want!


If you want to submit a story anonymously, for whatever reason you may have, email it to me and tell you me you wanted it shared that way. I’ll read it on the podcast, but keep your name private.


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Music and voiceovers provided by Rick Moyer.

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