Episode 134 – Terri Hardin (Imagineer/Muppeteer), Part 1

Terri Hardin - Award(This picture will make sense when you listen to the interview.)

Today, we begin part 1 of a 3-part interview with legendary Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin, recorded in person in her studio. This is a 3-part interview, and we talked for over 45 minutes before I even started recording! Terri is an eclectic, inspiring, fascinating person, and you’re going to love hearing from her!


In this episode, Terri talks about…

  • What got her interested in working for Disney, and what she did when she first got there
  • Her first assignment in Imagineering—this is a Stories of the Magic exclusive!
  • The real benefits to being an Imagineer
  • Halloween at Walt Disney Imagineering
  • A time she almost left Disney, and how she was convinced to stay
  • Some advice for you—and me—if you want to work for Disney
  • Becoming a Muppeteer

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